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Low Impact Development (LID): Innovative Rain/Stormwater Management

Low Impact Development (LID) is an innovative rainwater and stormwater management approach that seeks solutions that model nature, specifically hydrological functions and geographic contours.

This approach supports managing rainfall at the source. The object is to use site design techniques that store, infiltrate, filter, evaporate and detain runoff in order to mimic a site's pre-development hydrology by using design techniques that infiltrate, filter, store, evaporate and detain runoff close to its source.

A goal of LID is to use site and subdivision design techniques in coordination with stormwater management engineering to imitate the hydrologic conditions associated with an undeveloped site. In a healthy undeveloped landscape with porous soil, water naturally infiltrates into the ground, recharging ground water hydrology. Drought tolerant landscaping or xeriscaping, infiltration basins or rain gardens, and green roofs or living roofs are key LID strategies for achieving conditions associated with healthy undeveloped landscapes.

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