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Water Efficiency Best Management Practices - Residential

AWE Resource Library – Residential Water Use, Fixtures, and Appliances (Webpage with links)

Alliance for Water Efficiency -  Chicago, Illinois

Handbook of Water Use and Conservation (2001, 464 pp, Book)

Amy Vickers, WaterPlow Press  - Amherst, MA

"Much more than a "handbook", this is a veritable encyclopedia of water conservation methods and equipment in buildings, landscapes, and beyond  Most of the Handbook consists of four chapters that address water use by category: residential/domestic; landscape; industrial/commercial/institutional; and agricultural."

How to Conserve Water and Use It Effectively (Information available for the Residential, Industrial/Commercial & Agricultural sectors)

United States Environmental Protection Agency's Website

Water Efficiency – What You Can Do (Webpage, multiple links)

United States Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense Program

Water Saving Hero (Website)

Information for your home.

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