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Water Efficiency Best Management Practices - Agricultural

Agriculture Best Management Practices (Webpage)

Arizona Department of Water Resources

Agricultural Water Use (Webpage)

California Department of Water Resources

More with Less: Agricultural Water Conservation and Efficiency in California: A Special Focus on the Delta (2008, 69 pp, PDF)

Heather Cooley et al, Pacific Institute - Oakland, California

“The report offers a comprehensive analysis of how to maintain a strong agricultural economy while improving the efficiency of water use and reducing groundwater overdraft and water withdrawals from the critically threatened Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

The study finds agricultural water-use efficiency can be improved through careful planning, adopting existing, cost-effective technologies and management practices, and implementing feasible policy changes. The report also provides recommendations to overcome some of the financial, legal, and institutional barriers that can hinder farmers from implementing such adaptations and investments.”

Sustaining California Agriculture in an Uncertain Future (2009, 81 pp, PDF)

Heather Cooley et al, Pacific Institute - Oakland, California

"The report shows that California agriculture can flourish despite diminishing water supply and future uncertainty from climate change, but it will require great strides in increasing the water efficiency of the agricultural sector.

Many farmers and irrigation districts have already been making water-use efficiency improvements. Yet the analysis estimates that potential water savings of 4.5 - 6 million acre-feet each year can be achieved by expanding the use of efficient irrigation technologies and management practices."

Water Conservation Best Management Practices (BMP) Guide for Agriculture in Texas (2005, 84 pp, PDF)

Texas Water Development Board

"This publication contains only those Best Management Practices (BMPs) applicable to conservation of water used by agriculture."

Water Conservation Task Force Best Management Practices Guide (2004, 266 pp, pdf)

Texas Water Development Board

"The Guide is organized into three sections, for municipal, industrial and agricultural water user groups (“WUG”) with a total of fifty-five BMPs."

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