What River Are You Made Of? Call for Art and Artful Science Exhibits

In Watershed, What River Are You Made Of? by Elizabeth Dougherty

  • To reach the hearts of the public, Wholly H2O has hit the streets, art galleries, and taps around the Bay Area and in the upper watershed regions of California. By launching two intertwined campaings, “Standing with the Watershed Campaign  and What’s On Tap? CampaignWholly H2O is writing the names of some rivers on bathroom and art gallery walls.

    What river are you made of?

    Standing with the Watershed Campaign

    Wholly H2O has launched a series of watershed and river-related exhibits that engage the public in discussions about water sources in California. Our ongoing Standing with the Watershed Campaign began December 2013 with the show Standing with the Watershed, Tuolumne’s Rim Fire at Sherwood Gallery in San Francisco about the Tuolumne River Watershed and the 257,000 million acre Rim Fire that burned through the watershed in 2013.

    There has been such a huge response to the first show that we’ve just issued the Call for Art and Artful Science Exhibits for our second show, What River Are You Made Of? Tuolumne Inside Out.


    Delivery System

    Opening night is September 11th, 2014, so put it in your calendar now. The Capital One Bank Cafe, on a prime corner in downtown San Francisco, wants to fill their three floors of cafe and coworking space with 2D, 3D and digital art about the Tuolumne River. The show’s three catagories are microscopic, infrastructure, and end uses (sustainable and unsustainable). This single river, with its headwaters in Yosemite National Park services not only the City of San Francisco, but much of Silicon Valley and parts of the East Bay, in addition to the Modesto and Turloch Irrigation Districts. See a list of What Cities and Water Agencies Sip from the Tuolumne River at the bottom of this page.


    Our goal is to produce more art and artsful science shows not only about the pristine Tuolumne River, but the lovely Mokelumne River 90 miles from its 1.3 million users in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, and the San Francisco Bay Delta, the West Coast’s largest estuary, which sustains 23 million Central and Southern Californians.

    There’s not a watershed that doesn’t have an art show in it. Our goal is to link local (and not so local) users to education about their rivers and other water sources with the goal of yeilding more approrpiate and responsible management.


    Who Sips from the Tuolumne River – by City and Water District

    Alameda County Water District
    Belmont, City of
    Brisbane, City of
    Burlingame, City of
    California Water Service Company- Bear Gulch District
    California Water Service Company- Mid Peninsula District
    California Water Service Company- South San Francisco District
    Coastside County Water District
    Colma, City of
    Daly City, City of
    East Palo Alto, City of
    Estero Municipal Improvement District/Foster City
    Groveland, Town of
    Guadalupe Valley Municipal Improvement District
    Hayward, City of
    Hillsborough, Town of
    Los Trancos County Water District
    Menlo Park, City of
    Mid-Peninsula Water District
    Millbrae, City of
    Milpitas, City of
    Modesto Irrigation District
    Mountain View, City of
    North Coast County Water District
    Palo Alto, City of
    Purissima Hills Water District
    Redwood City, City of
    San Bruno, City of
    San Carlos, City of
    San Francisco, City of
    San Jose, City of
    San Mateo, City of
    Santa Clara, City of
    Skyline County Water District
    Stanford University
    Sunnyvale, City of
    Modesto Irrigation District
    Turloch Irrigation District
    Westborough Water District