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Determine how much water you are using at home everyday.

It’s hard to know if you’re conserving water use without knowing how much water you are actually using now, or before you started to conserve. Here’s how to get yourself excited and accurate about decreasing water use every month. By comparing one
period to the next, you can see how well your water-reduction strategies are working.

Example of a Water Bill with Information About Usage
Here’s How
  • Pull out your bill from your water agency.
  • Look at the section that includes the Billing Explanation See example outlined in red to the left.
  • Take your Gal/Day (average gallons used by household for one day during this billing cycle) and divide it by the number of people in the household. Do this for both current year and for 2013. This is the amount each person uses per day.
A Shining Example

In the example below, in 2013, the average gallons per day was 93. The household had 4 people. Divide 93 by 4 to get 23.25 gallons per person per day for this billing cycle.

In the example below, in 2015, the average 51 gallons per day. The household had 3 people. Dividing 51 by 3 tells us that this household used 17 gallons per person per day for this billing cycle.

Figure out the percentage reduction, by plugging in 23.25 and 6.25 (the difference between 23.25 and 17) into a percentage calculator :

This household reduced 28.8 % in water use for the same period in the last two years.
Wow, that’s impressive for a household already so low in water use. How about at your house?

Image of a Utility Bill that demonstrates a sizeable reduction in water usage
The comparison with 2013 is due to the California mandate to reduce water use by 25% from 2013 totals statewide.
Share Your Reduction
Share an image of your water bill with your calculated reduction percentages by clicking the ‘take action’ link below.