Typical Components of Blackwater Reclamation and Reuse Systems

Photo Credit: torbackhopper

Reverse osmosis units employed at Orange County Water District to produce potable recycled water for groundwater replenishment.[/caption]

Blackwater treatment systems intended for water recycling include some or all of the following components, usually provided by a public utility—County, City, Water District, Sanitation District, etc.

  • Sewer collection network (essential to capture of this particular water resource)
  • Pump stations (needed in rolling topography)
  • Interceptors and transmission mains
  • Treatment plants, including sedimentation, biological treatment, clarification, activated carbon, filtration, membranes, and disinfection (chlorination, ozonation, ultraviolet irradiation)
  • Storage (necessary to balance diurnal supply variations and seasonal demand variations)
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • On-site retrofits
  • Monitoring
  • Inspection
  • Training
  • Reporting