benefits of efficiency and water conservation

Photo Credit: moonjazz

It is common knowledge that California is experiencing serious impacts to its water supplies on numerous counts:

  • Inefficient use of available resources by Californians, particularly of the SF Bay Delta and the Colorado River
  • Degradation of existing water source ecosystems is causing degradation of water supply and water quality
  • Growing population and use demand
  • Climate Change Impacts
  • Drought Conditions
  1. Money – While the costs for purchasing water from a CA water agency do not generally reflect the real cost of water in California, you will still save money by saving water. As water prices rise in the coming years, savings will also rise.
  2. Environment
    • Fewer sewage system failures from stormwater overwhelming the system (especially important with combined sewer/stormwater systems)
    • Reduced water contamination caused by polluted runoff from over-irrigating yards and agricultural lands.
    • Healthier natural pollution filters such as downstream wetlands.
    • Reduced need to construct additional dams, canals, or otherwise forms of regulating the natural flow of streams, thus retaining the value of stream and river systems as wildlife habitats and recreational areas.
    • Reduced need to construct additional water and wastewater treatment facilities, saving money.
    • Reduced surface water withdrawals that degrade habitat both in streams and on land close to streams and lakes.
    • Water and sewer cost savings
    • Wastewater treatment cost savings
  3. Energy – Failure to use water efficiently can hurt our water supply by: (See the Water and Energy Nexus in Resources)
    • Altering stream flows due to excessive withdrawals.
    • Causing saltwater to intrude into freshwater aquifers due to excessive withdrawals.
    • Increasing the amount of dirty runoff water that flows into natural water supplies.
    • Creating the need to build additional dams. Dams generate non-point source pollution by trapping sediment and other pollutants, affecting water quality both upstream and downstream.