establish your baseline use

Photo Credit: remediate.this

In order to know if you are how effectively you are saving water, you must first know how much water you’ve been using. Establish your Baseline use during a certain year and then compare ongoing use to that baseline.

You can do this by taking a look at your home’s or business’ water bills over the last several years to become aware of your water use and potential patterns as they remain constant or fluctuate over time.  Many water agencies also provide free audits which allow you to get specific about how much water you are using for each task.

What was your use in 2008, in 2009? Set a target for reduction. If you use 100 gallons per person per day, why not reduce that by 20% to 80 gallons of water per person per day by 2012? Water reductions are, in fact, quite easy to accomplish.
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