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Wholly H2O: Our Mission

Wholly H2O catalyzes Californians to adopt water conservation and reuse as the norm for engaging with our waters.


Working collaboratively with nonprofits, governmental and water agencies, businesses, and individuals, Wholly H2O creates interactive educational art, science and maker programs and events, supports businesses, and progressive water policies that perpetuate personal responsibility for making water conservation and reuse all the rage in California.


We see Californians developing a connection with water that moves beyond conceptualizing water only as a human resource. By understanding our role in the water cycle and the needs of our watersheds, Californians are inspired to adopt localized, sustainable practices of conservation and rainwater, graywater, stormwater, and blackwater capture and reuse.

current staff & volunteers

Elizabeth Dougherty: Executive Director

Dr. Elizabeth Dougherty is determined to make innovative approaches to localizing water sustainability all the rage in California. Since receiving her PhD in Ethnography from the University of Pennsylvania in 2003, Elizabeth has delved into a wide range of work in energy efficiency, fair trade, permaculture, agroecology and water conservation and reuse. In 2008, seeing a need to centralize water conservation and reuse information, Elizabeth founded Wholly H2O. She quickly became “that woman” who showed up at every state and local water meeting she could find simply to interject the words, “rainwater”, “stormwater abatement”, “graywater” and “water data” into the conversation.

Elizabeth serves on Bay Area Water Stewards (BAWS) – a watchdog group for the SFPUC, the Water Committee for GreenCA, and the California Decentralized Water Policy Council. She holds a certificate in rainwater harvesting from ARCSA, and a certificate in Watershed Management from OAEC. She has also completed Watershed Management Group’s Water Harvesting Intensive.

Via Wholly H2O, Dougherty delivers interactive educational programs, consulting, and networking services to gear residential, commercial, industrial and institutional clients to rainwater, graywater, and stormwater as primary water sources, whether in drought or high flow.

Dougherty is also an artist currently working in water themes. With a 2016 art grant from the City of Oakland, she is building a free standing rainwater harvesting sculpture – a template for building more for community and school gardens. Her greatest desire is to make water conservation and reuse the hip and sexy thing to do in California.

Ariel Galos: Website Admin

Ariel is a graphic designer who lives in Groveland, CA. She lives with her family just outside of Yosemite National Park, home of the Tuolumne River source waters. Ariel’s other work can be found at her web site and, though she specializes in print design, identity development, and illustration, she moonlights as a WordPress web developer.

In her spare time, Ariel spends time with her daughter and husband (preferably outdoors), builds things with rocks, wood, metal, and bone, and is the Chair of the Groveland Trail Heads, a 501(c)(3) trail advocacy group.

Mary Hunt: Web Developer

Mary retired from Yale University in 2014 after 32 years as a software developer.
Mary is active in the Activist Council of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, EmergeCT as a math tutor to ex-offenders, New Haven Reads as a reading tutor, First Presbyterian Church New Haven, and the Spring Glen Alliance for Refugee Resettlement. She cares deeply about social justice issues.

Mary works with non-profits to upgrade, redesign, and improve their websites. She has extensive experience with WordPress and Joomla.
Mary cherishes time spent with her children and grandchildren, and enjoys reading, travel, and outdoor activities including biking, swimming, hiking and kayaking.

Anya Kamenskaya: Rainwater Specialist

Anya became fascinated with California’s relationship to wastewater as a UC Berkeley undergraduate studying ecological agriculture. After years of community organizing in small farming communities across the US, she served 4 years as a former co-owner of DIG Cooperative, Inc, one of the Bay Area’s oldest dedicated water conservation firms specializing in comprehensive, on-site water catchment and reuse systems. She is committed to working towards equitable, resilient and just water useage in California.

Ayanah Proulx: Graphic Design

Ayanah Proulx is a Graphic Design and Media Studies student in Boston, Ma. She grew up in southern Maine which began her passion and love for clean water, healthy ecosystems and creative explorations in art. Ayanah became interested in Whollyh2o’s mission and volunteer opportunity because it aligns with her two passions; design and environmental sustainability. Although she lives across the country she is committed to working and fighting for water equality across the country. After graduation she hopes to pursue a career in web design and graphic design work for a non-profit working toward a fair and sustainable world.