Stricter Water Conservation Rules for Developers Proposed in San Bernadino

In Conservation, What River Are You Made Of? by Elizabeth Dougherty

  • It’s crucial to go forward with land development in CA with a keen awareness of the limited capacity of our waterways to serve yet larger numbers of people in the state, particularly in very dry areas of the state such as San Bernadino. Developers who wish to build residential and commercial projects in the unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County, California, will face stricter water conservation rules if the county board of supervisors passes a new ordinance.

    Under the new rules, projects with landscape areas of more than 2,500 square feet in size would need to hire a landscape architect to prepare and submit detailed plans. Additionally, developers would have to install more efficient water irrigation systems, such as “smart” controllers or drip irrigation.

    State officials say that the new measures are needed due to frequent droughts in California, where 60% of all residential water is used for landscaping, according to reports.