What’s on Tap?

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A key facet of conservation is having a personal connection to the source of water flowing out of your taps. So let us ask you the question “What’s On Tap” at your home or business? Let us help you answer that question with our striking and durable What’s On Tap? stickers.

Put our stickers over sinks and toilets at home, work, and school to easily identify your drought-stressed water source. Each time someone turns on that tap, they will know there is a real river flowing out. Each of us can then choose, How will I use this river?

Just knowing the name of the actual river flowing from your tap in San Francisco and the East Bay is leading to an immediate transformation in people’s behavior, naturally causing a reduction of water use. We’re even encouraging people to name it out loud and thank the river every time you turn on the tap. It’s a gratitude thing!

What’s on Tap? Stickers

On tap: Tuolumne River Sticker
SFPUC: Tuolumne River
SFPUC – San Francisco Public Utility Commission – direct and wholesale customers will be so pleased to know they have Tuolumne River On Tap.

On tap: Mokelumne River Sticker
EBMUD: Mokelumne River

Those using waters from EBMUD – East Bay Municipal Utility District – will be thanking the Mokelumne River each time they use their taps.

We’re raring to help you get to know and love the river giving you your water source. And we think you’re going to want to join in the fun! Our goal is to get these stickers over every kitchen and bathroom tap over every toilet and urinal – in every home, restaurant, school, university, business and industrial building.


These 4″ x 2.25″ oval stickers are only $2.00 each. Now that’s a cheap way to save water!

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Online (for an order of 1+ stickers). Here.

Don’t see your water source, but want a sticker? Let us know and we’ll make an order of 10 or more identifying your personalized water source info.